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Making an Entrance


CANAL 337 has class, style, and a view and is making an entrance as Downtown Indy’s newest event venue. Thomas Caterers of Distinction owners, Kelly and Vince Early, completely renovated and designed the rustic-chic venue at the head of the canal. Its brick and concrete surroundings create an industrial feel that is offset by the stained wood ceilings and modern fixtures. The terrace’s colorful views of downtown Indy and the Canal provide the perfect romantic setting for weddings and receptions.


There are many candid photo opportunities along the canal near CANAL 337. From walking hand in hand down the canal, or posing along the steps on the green grass, the contrast between the vivid colors of nature and the century old brick building provide for an impressive backdrop.


Brides and grooms have made themselves

comfortable using the space around the Canal for posed and candid pictures. While the guests are having refreshing hors d’oeuvres on the terrace, couples have enjoyed a serene gondola ride with each other. It is one of those rare moments of tranquility before the chaos of socializing begins. As the couple returns from their romantic rendezvous, they make their grand entrance as the guests meander to the rails of the terrace to greet the newlyweds. It is the perfect way to welcome the couple and begin the evening’s festivities.


Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Detail and Design, Old World Gondoliers

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