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Getting the Most Out of your Venue Rental at CANAL 337

The first and most important thing to do is ask all of the right questions beforehand. We recommend starting with these questions and adding any additional ones you may have.

Make sure you’re using all the space you’re paying for. At CANAL 337, we offer Bride and Groom suites for the couple. It provides them with a convenient place to get ready for the wedding and reception or to touch up hair and makeup. It doubles as a relaxing retreat where the bride and groom can have a moment to themselves to reflect on their big day. Additionally, you can store all of your personal belongings in a safe and convenient place.

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Be creative with how you use the space. CANAL 337 has 6 vertical shelving walls to do with as you please. Many couples use these as a place for their escort cards to save space on the dining room floor. We have seen clients use them to enhance the space by adding décor, pictures, logos, floral, votive candles and more. There are endless ways to use these shelves at CANAL 337.

Vertical Walls
Vertical Walls

For spring, summer and fall events at CANAL 337, using the terrace and the balcony is an added bonus. Not only does it spread your event out so your guests get to experience the whole venue, but you get to enjoy an outdoor experience with the comfort of having an indoor reception. Guests can appreciate the refreshing air later in the evening accompanied by the Indianapolis skyline.


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