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CANAL 337 Stylized Photoshoot

Stylized photoshoots are the best way to capture the essence of an event venue. It helps potential clients visualize the different colors, textures and details that can be incorporated into a space.

Since opening in May 2014 we have not had the chance to have our own photoshoot. So this spring we did just that. The point of the shoot was to incorporate as many styles and themes in the space as we could at one time. We wanted to control the logistics so that we could choose the styles and situations that we anticipate to be popular and desirable in the next year. We invited the most remarkable and talented photographer partners to help us capture these amazing images.

We had the venue set up with 22 different photo opportunities. This was done by setting up 7 different vignettes throughout the space, utilizing the talents of 4 unbelievably artistic and creative photographers and videographers and provided them with 7 stylish models. We were able to turn the space into a versatile studio where we could incorporate rustic themes, then contrast them with more conservative (but no less gorgeous) gold and neutral colors. We even explored elements of glitz and sparkle to show how creative one can be if they let their inhibitions loose. Photographs and videos are the best way to highlight a venue’s personality. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many true professionals at CANAL 337’s 2015 photoshoot.

Photoshoot Partners

Jamie Sangar Photography

Kristin Hornberger Photography

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography


McNamara Florist

BBJ Linen

Chameleon Chair

A Classic Party Rental

M.H. Pomanders Bridal

La Dolce Salon

Classic Cakes

Louie's Tux Shop


Chelsea Sterba

Samantha Storms

Madison Foley

Riana Schneider and Jacob Hyten

Alexis Mills and Dustin Harrison

For more on CANAL 337's 2015 photoshoot, view the photographer's blogs here:

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Jamie Sangar Photography

Kristin Hornberger Photography

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