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CANAL 337 Transformations: Restrooms

When designing a venue it’s important to not over-design the space. Clients need to have a feel of the venue’s personality, but ultimately all the important design choices should be made by the client for each specific event. It’s imperative to have a neutral space that each client can envision their wedding or social event in. The event space should be left a blank canvas for couples and clients to creatively run with.

At CANAL 337, the only spaces that are designed in detail are places like the restrooms, bridal suite, groom's den, hallways and stairwells. We spent time and effort designing the nooks and crannies of the venue to help give it its personality. One of our biggest transformations was the downstairs restrooms. We added a custom countertop made by Centerline Studios. The mirrors were chosen for their gear shape and iron accents to accentuate the industrial feel of the space. The faucets were purchased from Delta because they were one of the very first clients to host an event at CANAL 337. No detail or design choice was overlooked when designing CANAL 337.




Erin Hession Photography
Erin Hession Photography

Thanks to Erin Hession Photography for caputuring the "After" pictures.

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