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CANAL 337 Transformations: Coat Check

This portion of the building is located in the basement right off the main entrance. Pre-renovation it served as lockers for the staff members of the old restaurant. Since guest restrooms are located in the basement, we had other plans for renovating the space. These plans included adding a bride and groom’s suite as well as a coat check for winter events. The restaurant had a conveniently located dry storage room that we were able to turn into a fully functioning event coat check.

The coat check is not needed year round so we wanted a way to be able to hide it in plain sight. During winter events, the frames on the wall can be slid open and an attendant is present to take coats and jackets. During the summer months the frames are kept closed so that it just looks like another industrial display piece.

We custom created these rolling frames. They were made from three different sets of wood planks with an urban gear design on top. We hung two of them side by side but they did not extend far enough on both sides. So we removed the gears from the third set of planks and then we cut the board in half. We added three planks to each side of the rolling display so that it would be the appropriate length. Now we have a fully functioning coat check that can be hidden when unused.

Thank you to Jamie Sangar and Kristin Hornberger for the "After" photos.




Jamie Sangar Photography
Kristin Hornberger Photography

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