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The Admiral Spruance Basin

The Admiral Spruance Basin is the entire rounded end of the Canal that sits just below CANAL 337’s terrace. Over the course of our first year we have seen the basin used in many unique ways. Included within the Basin is the Community Service Plaza which is the perfect setting and provides unique photo opportunities for a variety of activities…

Wedding Ceremonies

We love when couple’s use the basin for their wedding ceremonies. It gives Indianapolis couples in the downtown area the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding ceremony with a naturally beautiful backdrop that overlooks the canal and the city.


The Couple’s First Dance

Guests can gather on CANAL 337’s terrace to watch the couple share their first dance as husband and wife. The basin allows the first dance to be easily watched by all guests at your wedding.


Photo Ops

Whether an intimate moment shared between the bride and groom or a gathering place for a large group shot, the lower basin is the perfect spot to capture the moment. We love the idea of incorporating a full group shot with all guests in attendance at the wedding or event. Photographers will often stand on the upper terrace or balcony to capture all guests in the frame.

Nathaniel Edmund Photography

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Sara Ackermann Photography

Sparkler Exits

One of the most popular send-offs we see are sparkler send-offs on the canal. Guests line up on the Basin and create an aisle for the couple to run through. It is a wonderful opportunity and location for a beautiful photo of the couple as they embark on this new journey. Some couples even venture straight into a Gondola and ride off into the night.

Jessica Strickland Photography

Jessica Strickland Photography


The basin can also be rented out for live entertainment. Temporary stages can be constructed to fit on the basin so that guests can mingle on the terrace while enjoying the sights and sounds of a variety unique acts or live music.

Dodd Technologies

What unique way will you use it for your event?

Thank you Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Jessica Strickland Photography, Sara Ackermann Photography & Dodd Technologies

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