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CANAL 337 Photo Opportunities

CANAL 337 has endless possiblities for unique pictures throughout the venue, both indoor and outdoors.

Crowe's Eye Photography

Outdoor Photo Opportunities:

CANAL 337’s proximity to the Downtown Canal makes it one of the most convenient locations to venture to for wedding pictures. Whether with the whole bridal party or just the newlyweds, there are countless opportunities for pictures that will be cherished forever.

Kevin Monahan Photography

Jamie Vester Photography

One of the most unique features of CANAL 337 is the opportunity to capture beautiful sendoff pictures featuring authentic gondola rides and sparklers. Guests can line up along the canal as the couple runs through the sparklers. Nowhere else in the city can the newlyweds ride off into the night by gondola.

Jessica Strickland Photography

Jessica Strickland Photography

Another outdoor photo op is the Admiral Spruance Basin. The candid shots of guests overlooking the canal as the couple make their grand entrance are some of our personal favorites. We have even seen group photos taken with all of the wedding guests and it’s also a wonderful spot for the couple to share their first dance for all to see.

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Sara Ackermann Photography

Indoor Photo Opportunities:

The interior of CANAL 337 is no less photogenic than the outdoor photo opportunities. Stained glass windows make a romantic backdrop for pictures of the couple. Elegant and industrial design pieces throughout CANAL 337 provide the perfect backdrop for romantic pictures with the bride and groom.

Jamie Sangar Photography

Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

We love the stairwell at CANAL 337 and so have many past photographers and couples. There are so many unique ways to take photographs. The industrial feel of the brick surround is the perfect contrast to the romance and love shared between the newlywed couple.

Ian Borgerhoff Photography

CANAL 337 offers bride and groom’s suites that are perfect for photo opportunities. Pictures of the final details of getting ready with the bridesmaids and flower girls can forever be cherished by the bride and her bridesmaids. At CANAL 337 you can capture the moment when it all comes together in the bride’s suite’s full length mirrors.

Kristen Hornberger Photography

Whether it is all of the groomsmen chilling out and gaming while getting ready before the ceremony or a photo of the bride and groom in the leather lounge set, the groom’s room is a fun place for a little photo shoot before the ceremony begins.

Kristin Hornberger Photography

Special Thank You to the following photographers: Kristin Hornberger Photography, Jessica Strickland Photography, Jamie Sangar Photography, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Ian Borgerhoff Photography, Kevin Monahan Photography, Jamie Vester Photography, Crowe's Eye Photography, Sara Ackermann Photography

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