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  • Vince Early

A Wonderful Smell: The Rose Salad Perfumery Station

Rose Salad Perfumery Station The “Rose Salad Perfumery Station” was displayed on an antique dresser. Three rose essence perfume bottles were placed in a mirrored jewelry box. Underneath, the open dresser exposed crystal candles and a vintage boutique sign. The final touch of décor was a small glass corked bottle with burlap to discretely bring in the overall design of the venue, CANAL 337.

To make this station interactive, guests spritzed each salad with a perfume bottle filled with a rose essence. Not only did the rose essence enhance the flavor of the salad, it helped tie in the whimsical aspect to the design elements. We have used this station for every type of event from wedding receptions to corporate fundraisers. How would this look at your next event?

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