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Old World Gondolas

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Summer is prime time in Indianapolis to visit the Downtown Canal and watch as the gondoliers sing and steer their beautiful boats up and down the waterway. Old World Gondolas brings the experience of touring the canals of Venice directly to downtown Indy. You will see the Indianapolis Canal come alive with a wide variety of visitors: families, runners, tourists, dog walkers, and so much more. From almost anywhere on the Canal, you can see the downtown skyline, spot historic memorials, and take in plenty of beautiful housing and scenery along the Canal, including several fountains and art installations.

At the CANAL 337 wedding reception venue located on the north end of the canal, we have found these gondola rides to be a very special and romantic way our newlyweds to make a grand statement at their reception. Many newlyweds choose to have their guests gather on the Canal and welcome the couple to the reception in a Grand Entrance. Another amazing opportunity happens at the end of the evening, where guests can gather by the Canal with sparklers or glow sticks and send the new bride and groom off in a gondola in a spectacular end to the reception.

Whether you are a newly-wed couple looking for a very romantic ride on your wedding day or a family looking for a unique activity on the Indianapolis Canal, Old World Gondolas are a great way to spend time outside and in the beautiful Indy summer days. They provide both private and public group tours daily; click here to book your tour today.

Conforti Photography did a marvelous job photographing Alex and Rachel Mourfield's wedding, which included a very romantic surprise gondola ride into their wedding reception at CANAL 337.

The Indianapolis Canal is a 3-mile loop offering plenty of room for runners, bikers and all other types of activities. With numerous bridges, fountains, waterfalls, greenery and art, the canal offers a unique place for photography, especially engagement and wedding photography

Jessica Strickland Photography caught a few awesome night shots of this lovely couple riding a gondola from CANAL 337.



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Old World Gondolas


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