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Why is the CSEP Designation important? - Vince Early, CSEP

Anyone can put a sign out in front of their business and say that they work in the event industry. To be a true event professional you should hold yourself and those around you to a higher standard of professionalism in the event industry. The CSEP designation is an indicator that we do just that. We are committed to professionalism, innovation and growth in the industry to keep ourselves on the cutting edge. Not only does this help us to execute better quality events, but it helps us serve our clients and exceed their expectations. I had been working in the event industry for more than a decade and a half before I learned of the CSEP program and designation. We were still executing quality events before then, but the CSEP process helped us to have a more clear blueprint for the planning and execution of all of our events. We were still getting great results prior to that time, But that blueprint helped us to stay proactive in our planning and execution and allowed us to spend more time fine-tuning and innovating our events. The true winners are our staff and our clients. When choosing event professionals, keep the CSEP designation in mind.

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